Artist Statement

Acrylic Paintings

Consisting of layered, colourful acrylic paint, often with the addition of found materials, my painting generally focuses on tactility, and movement derived from nature. I work with a number of paintings on the go, moving back and forth between abstraction, and my version of impressionism.

I have five ongoing painting series:

Creatures Great and Small is my series of animal paintings. Creatures are very important to me, and I believe strongly in protecting and appreciating them. The use of colour is to represent the light and joy they bring to our lives. The movement in the brushstrokes shows life and energy. I like to support animal causes by selling my work and donate a portion of proceeds to animal welfare organizations.

The Fresh Air series are my land and seascape paintings. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful, peaceful area and these paintings are in appreciation of the nature I am surrounded by. I aim to capture the feeling of a particular place at that moment in time, and paint it in an impressionistic style.

The Abstractions of Nature paintings, are often highly textured and layered. To build and vary the texture, I will sometimes incorporate sand, paper and metal into the paint. Canvas, wood and metal are the bases for these paintings. The inspiration is often a piece of the natural world, which I then abstract and build on.

Under the Abstractions of Nature umbrella, comprising of abstract, organic shapes with a strong sense of rhythm, is the Woodprint Fingergrain series. This word play speaks to the parallel between tree-rings and fingerprints, and to the uniqueness of the individual as nature intended. My inspiration is the woodgrain of the wood-panel I paint on. I follow the grain, enhancing the shapes and movement within the wood. These flowing shapes often remind me of other aspects of nature, such as mountains or water.

The series Touch examines connections between people and the importance of touch. The subject is mostly hands, painted in large scale in an impressionistic style. The brushstrokes show the energy within the hand’s connections.

Abstract Photography

I am interested in the relationships between humans and nature, and the effect they have on each other. I have two ongoing series of abstract photography:

The first, entitled Colour Shore, focuses on capturing the rhythm of nature seen through vibrant colour fields. These images capture the naturally occurring patterns in sand. The intense colour speaks to the way humans alter and change the natural environment.

The second series, entitled Worn Out, focuses on the way nature changes human made structures and materials over time, through rust, corrosion, rot, etc. It is about capturing the disintegration, and considers the question of when something is beyond repair.

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