Artist Statement

Consisting of layered, textured acrylic paint, often with the addition of found materials, my painting generally focuses on the tactility and movement derived from nature, whether it be the human body, animals, the earth, or the sea. 

 I am inspired by my surroundings: places, moments, and people that my senses come into contact with. Sources such as the feeling of warm sun on my back, sparkling sand at the ocean’s edge, the smell of freshly cut grass, the hills at twilight, the affection of a loved one, all may ignite an artwork.

I work with a number of paintings on the go, moving back and forth between abstraction, and my versions of impressionism. Often I will incorporate sand, paper, and metal into the paint, and use canvas, wood, and aluminum as bases for my work.

My abstract photography focuses on capturing the rhythm of nature, with the contrast of vibrant colour fields. I am interested in the relationships between humans and nature, and the effect they have on each other.
A portion of all art sales will be donated to an animal rescue organization.
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